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This post is for threading with Wolverine anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals to get in contact with him for personal conversations.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
[Written, June 11th]
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[Logan makes it home from his mission and you know what? He's dead all over. Exhausted and worn out. He threw himself into the jungle, fought alone, and by all rights should be dead. He may have died more than once, when a Shifter removed his powers and he took some deadly wounds. But then backup would show up, kill the Shifter, and Logan came back to life. Rinse and repeat.

Other people died. He tried to save them, but he was just one man and there was too many of them. So they had to withdraw. And when it was time to go home, he signed up for 'just a few more days'. Even when they told him he had maxed out the points he could earn for the month, he still stayed in there.

Up until today, when the squad packed it all up and he was told he had to go back. As much as Logan would have liked to stay out there indefinitely, he was still a test subject first. Guinea pigs had to go back into their cage eventually.

So now he was back. Where his fake family was. With his fake life. Oh, sure, those memories had become less and less clear. But they were still there and he did not relish seeing any of his 'family'. Which is why he didn't go home. He went to the bar for drinks, sure. He visited the Item Shop to drop in on Rogue on the pretense of looking for his old junk. He played some pool by himself, but he only made it halfway through a game before the kid playing video games annoyed him to the point of leaving.

And then he went back to the bar again. To drink and drink and drink and drink. Chances are, he was going to wake up behind the bar after passing out there. But he certainly wasn't going home to his loving wife. Because that wasn't real and he wouldn't be able to stop himself from acting like it was.]
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Lately Logan has been a rare face around Luceti and an unreliable teacher at best. Fortunately he had Ororo and Natasha to cover when he wasn't around, lest his students get the funny idea they were getting off time. That was the result of the man taking any mission the Malnosso offered him. Anything to get out of the cage. But the last one was from one cage to another. While they certainly gave him more challenge than he got in the dome, their combat testing didn't sit well with him. Especially because he forced himself to hold back. He wasn't fond of the Mallies knowing just what he was really capable of. he didn't care for the keen interest in his claws. He'd known too many scientists like that.

So when he got back to Luceti on the evening of the fourth, he was still on edge. He sated himself by picking up a some booze at the bar- to go, before heading back to the house. Tonight his idea of relaxation was putting his feet up to watch an action flick, smoke a cigar, and ignore any requests that he wash himself clean of the last ten days of heavy combat.

The next day, he'll resume his training sessions and otherwise be found at the Dome all day, until the evening where he'll retreat to the bar.


Back in Luceti. If yer here an' ain't dead, show up for training. You know when to be here.

If anyone else is looking fer some trainin', we can talk. I specialize in people with special powers. I usually work with mutants, but there ain't a whole lot of us here. So talk to me if you're interested. Just don't expect nothing easy.
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Logan's Return )


the wolf god is long gone

((ooc: To sum it up, Logan will arrive at home, be steamed at the birthday shenanigans, and make himself scarce. He'll make a very brief stop at the bar before confining himself to the top of Building 1 to drink his way through a twenty-four pack of booze. After that, he'll be in the forest and unstable, tracking down an elusive scent.

He won't respond to the journal.))
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[So Logan has been planning this for awhile. But he doesn't like announcing things on the journal. Because then people will want to talk to him. And he doesn't like talking to people on the journals. It's bad enough that his journal shows up even after he purposely loses it. And now elves. Damn elves. It's thanks to their pestering that he makes his move. That is, actually offering to 'give' something to the community.

Probably not what the elf had in mind. But then, he impaled it on his claws. So what the hell does he care what it thinks?]

Now I know I ain't exactly the first to offer any kind of combat instructing. So I ain't going to bother looking for civvies. If you don't know how to fight, there's plenty of other people eager to show you the ropes. Not that I ain't willing to consider ya, but you aren't the only people I'm concerned with.

What I do is train mutants. People with powers. So it doesn't matter what you can do. If you're looking to refine your powers, get stronger, and increase your chances of not dying - then I'm your man. I'm known as Wolverine. Or you can call me Logan. If you're interested, see me at the Dome. You'll be getting your introductory lesson there.

[Logan can be found at the Dome, waiting by the console. He's in his X-Men uniform. Anyone who frequents the dome won't find this look too unusual for him. There's also his latest elf. It looks fairly traumatized, worried, and paranoid. Which is why it's hiding behind one of the pillars holding up the second floor, rather than anywhere near Wolverine.

He's so very, very much on the naughty list.]
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[Finally called in. About time. He'd been itching for some action. And this looks just like what he was hoping for. After seeing those beasts being used by the Malnosso, he was hoping to get a chance to see what they were like in a fight. Up close and personal, of course. But before that, best to get a little info on them first. Not that he doubts he can handle them with ease, but some insight into their behavior and how they act in the wild could be useful.]

The Mallies have hired me to go keep the Shift Hunter population under control. Now the way I hear it, the only way to make sure those bastards stay dead is to take off their heads. Besides that and them smelling like rotting meat, anyone know anything else useful about them?

[That information in hand, that leaves one other problem:]

Right. Anyone here handy patching up uniforms? Putting together synthetic fibers calls for more than just a little needle and thread. [Which earns a kind of annoyed grunt. His uniform was shredded in the draft. Leaving him just using street clothes. Which is what he'll be taking on the mission, unless someone can fix his uniform in a matter of minutes. Not something he's expecting.

Aside from being unpleasant on the journals, he'll be unpleasant in person too. Places you can find him being generally unlikable and unsociable include Good Spirits for a drink. The Battle Dome where he'll be either in a scenario or hogging the main console as he sets up some new programs for Rogue to run through while he's gone. The Clothing Store as he picks out some clothes. Given his rough and tumble way of fighting, he goes through clothes quickly. Finally, in the late evening, he'll be walking home from the village plaza back to House 16 to get some sleep. With how hot it is and the blazing sun, he'll be without his usual jacket, but he's sporting an old cowboy hat.]
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[It's been over a month now since he first arrived. Luceti isn't any homelier now than it was then. Only now he's getting restless from being stuck here so long. Pretending to ride a bike cross country in the Dome ain't exactly satisfying when it keeps stopping in one hour intervals. So maybe it's time to look beyond the enclosure. Here he goes with the journal.]

I keep hearing about these missions people are going on. I've read the advertising too. Besides being a cure for boredom, do people have a good reason for doing their dirty work? Because frankly, I'm getting a little bored myself. But playing toadie to cash in for prizes ain't exactly the way I do things.

[Good enough. He'll stick around to answer that for awhile, then head to the Rec Center. He doesn't like it when its crowded with teenagers, but when he's lucky, he can play a game of pool by himself. After some time there, he'll be running a Danger Room scenario for himself in the Battle Dome. Lots of explosions and slashing. It's really cool, okay. After some time back home checking out some of Kurt's old movies and TV shows (at least the kid had some taste), he'll make his evening at Good Spirits. He'll take them by the bottle, bartenders. He don't even need you to remove the lids for him. That's what adamantium claws are for. Just another day in the life of the Wolverine.]
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[Like any other morning, Logan had his usual morning coffee. Rogue was around, he saw Mia, and eventually it became obvious Kitty wasn't making an appearance. Taking it on himself to take a look in, he pushed her door open, only to find the room empty. It meant Kitty was gone. The fact he couldn't pick up on any recent scent leaving her room overnight made it even more convincing. She was going back to a warzone. One he wasn't sure she'd be waking up from. Nobody else in Luceti knew that. No one except Rogue, anyway. That wasn't going to be a happy reveal.

After it's been done, he opens the journal. Briefly.]

Kitty Pryde's gone. She's been sent back home. Hopefully the Malnosso know what they're doing in transit.

[That's all he's got to say. He probably won't respond unless someone has something interesting to say.

Later he's in the Battle Dome. If you want to watch someone pushing themselves to the limit and being an absolute badass in a simulation, then you need only watch basically half of Luceti's population at any given time. But if you want to watch a short hairy man do it with metal claws coming out of his wrists, then Wolverine will be doing just that in a Danger Room scenario filled with mechanical claws, guns, lasers, rotating walls, and so on. It's very hardcore. Very.

He'll be found in the plaza later, sitting on a bench, and taking in the scents. Unfortunately, one of the scents cause him to sneeze. Was it your perfume? Some pollen? Your foul stench? Whatever it was, Logan looks unhappy. (But that's okay because he's always unhappy.)]
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Opening reserved for Tony Stark )

[After getting his answers from Stark, Logan was out on the town. His first job was taking care of his clothes. He found some stuff that fit soon enough, as well as his uniform. He slipped that one first, then a jacket over top of that. After what he'd heard, it was better to be prepared. His next step was tracking down his team. He didn't need directions for them. His nose was keen enough that he could smell them in the air. So he spends his time tracking them down, one by one, to wherever they currently were. At their home or elsewhere. That takes up most of his day, taking in all the information and making plans for their next move. If any.

By the day ends, Wolverine is in a bad mood and makes his way to where heard the bar was. Ordering his drink is more like snarling that he wanted a beer. He's not in the mood to talk and he spends most of his time at the bar scowling. Stuck in Luceti? No way to get out? Fate of the world in the balance? There's not enough booze in Luceti to make him happy.

People can catch him at the bar, or earlier in the day after he's found his uniform. He'll be exploring the place and stop a lot to start sniffing at the air, as if he's looking for something. For the most part his claws will be retracted unless someone threatens him. He's also 5'3. Comment on his height at your own peril.]
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That huge nose of his isn't just for show. Wolverine is noted for having an extremely keen sense of smell (on top of keen senses in general). His sense of smell is so good that he can basically walk into an empty room and with a bit of deduction, work out who has been there and what they were doing. (It's kind of ridiculous how it works, but he also has metal bones, so whaddya gonna do?) In general that means when interacting with people in person, he'll probably be able to pick up on any lingering scents they had. Things he might pick up on are:

-What they've eaten
-The kind of activities they do (working out, working with metal, having sex, etc)
-People they are around a lot
-Places they spend time at (like All Passions might leave a lingering scent different than the smithy)
-Animals they are around and keep
-If they're nervous (causing perspiration)

And so on. Since this obviously is something fluctuating all the time, you might give some broad ideas here on what Wolverine might pick up on. If you're tagging with him, helpful hints on recent stuff would be cool too. Thanks!


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